Which Bluetooth Speakers should you buy? A short guide to Wireless speakers   If you’re new to the world of Bluetooth speakers, it can be a confusing and harrowing place. Bluetooth has helped to eradicate the world of pesky wires and cables, but it nonetheless has its drawbacks too. Many modern Bluetooth manufacturers claim that their Bluetooth speakers can receive signals from 100m away, but this often greatly affected by walls, doors and other materials interrupting the connection. So, which wireless speakers should you buy? What features do you need to look out for? We aim to answer all of your questions in this short guide on buying Bluetooth speakers that are suitable for your personal needs.   1. Where are you going to use your wireless speakers? Where you plan on using your Bluetooth speakers makes all the difference in which ones you should choose! Outside Many modern Bluetooth speakers come with partial or complete waterproofing features. This is, of course, essential for any outdoor use, as the elements will likely ruin a speaker designed for indoor use. It is also imperative to choose a portable battery-consuming speaker that has a decent battery life. Inside You needn’t be so choosy about waterproofing if you plan to have your Bluetooth speakers inside (assuming they’re not in the Bathroom!). It may, however, be advisable to consider the range and loudness you want from permanent indoor wireless speakers. There are also more complex and interlinked multi-room options available if you want to play music around your entire home! On-the-go Many users take their Bluetooth speakers on cycling excursions, hikes or even camping trips. These sorts of requirements necessitate wireless speakers that are lightweight, portable, long-lasting, and impervious to bad weather conditions. Compact and portable Bluetooth speakers can be the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing camping trip (along with a good playlist!)   In an accident-prone environment By “accident-prone” we are referring to places where your speakers are likely to be subjected to damage i.e. around small children or in busy workplaces and factories. Many Bluetooth speakers are designed for these sorts of conditions, and are intentionally robust and strengthened in order to withstand being dropped or bumped into. However, inevitably, they can only withstand so much wear and tear. Don’t throw these wireless speakers down the stairs and expect them to survive! In the dark With so many people using Bluetooth speakers for camping trips and parties, it is not uncommon nowadays to find light bulbs in wireless speakers that either provide ambient light or add to a party atmosphere! Bluetooth light bulbs are available in a myriad of types, colors and sizes. Just make sure that they’re compatible with your chosen model!   2. How long do you need it to live? In other words, how long do you need the battery to last for? This refers to battery-fed, portable wireless speakers rather than wired ones. Some portable Bluetooth speakers will die in a few hours, whereas some high-end models can last for up to 42 hours! Battery life is especially important if you plan on using your Bluetooth speakers outside or on outdoors trips, as you probably won’t have many charging options when the battery dies, leaving you frustrated and devoid of music! 3. Do you require voice activation? Those looking for the ultimate lazy music-listening experience will require voice activation features. This is when your Bluetooth speakers come installed with a microphone, meaning that you can freely bark commands at your speaker via Siri or Google Assistant etc. Why exert all the effort of picking up your phone and changing a song by tapping on it, when you could just bark orders at your speaker to play your favorite track, album or artist? It’s the ultimate in laziness (we mean that in a good way!) Some wireless speakers with microphones also allow you to make out-loud conference-style calls via your phone, though this is universally considered to be of pretty poor quality, with most people just preferring to use the loudspeaker option on their phone instead.   4. What’s your budget like? Ah, money. We had to get to it eventually! Like with many things in life, you get what you pay for with Bluetooth speakers. Cheaper models will invariably lack the sound quality of their expensive cousins, and audiophiles may be displeased at the sound quality of some wireless speakers. However, for more casual listeners (which is the majority of consumers) this fine detail in sound quality is not a big issue. The other thing to consider in your budget is whether you want additional features with your wireless speakers, such as the aforementioned light bulbs and microphones. If you want decent versions of these additional features, you can unsurprisingly expect to pay up for it. Waterproofing may also add value to your desired model, with fully-waterproof models invariably climbing in price due to their rain-resistant armor. Battery life is another thing to consider, with longer battery lives generally equalling higher prices. You get what you pay for with Bluetooth speakers!   5. What music do you listen to? Though some people have an eclectic music taste, many people predominantly listen to 1 or 2 styles of music. This can be an important factor to consider based on your genre of choice. Electronic music and hip-hop fans are likely to opt for decent bass reproduction, whereas lovers of Rock and Pop should look more for a mix of Bass and Treble frequencies. Some genres (such as Folk) will sound better with well-supported mid-frequencies too. At the end of the day, EQ (equalization) settings exist for a reason! You should look into whether your Bluetooth speakers are especially suited to certain frequency ranges and genres of music. Ultimately though, true audiophiles will always opt for Hi-Fi and more advanced speaker systems, as the convenience and portability of most wireless speakers will come with inevitable drawbacks in the sound quality department. It simply isn’t possible to make a super loud, high-quality speaker that is so small!   So there you have it! Our short guide for buying Bluetooth speakers! We hope you enjoyed these insights, and will use them to make informed Bluetooth decisions! Wireless speakers are truly a marvel of the 21st century, so make sure you choose one that is the right fit for you and your specific needs/ environment.